Spectral Instruments Imaging Camera

Spectral Instruments Imaging (SI Imaging) came about by teaming the camera expertise of Spectral Instruments with the system expertise of the developers of the first high sensitivity laboratory imaging systems designed primarily for the demanding application of bioluminescent animal imaging. Spectral Instruments has for many years provided the cameras for these systems as well as for many other challenging applications. The Spectral Instruments logo is visible on thousands of cameras used in laboratories around the world.

Spectral Instruments has built its reputation upon being the premier provider of cooled, custom CCD-based camera systems for scientific imaging solutions.  Their products are found at the heart of many OEM or research based high performance imaging instruments.  Spectral Instruments’ cameras build upon the company's history of innovation to provide the highest quality product in performance and reliability.  SI has been designing innovative cameras for over 20 years in applications from biology, astronomy and high energy physics all while simultaneously delivering on each customer’s exact, and custom, requirements. Learn more about the Spectral Instruments camera lines here.




IVIS® Spectrum

Bruker Xtreme

Array Format

2048 x 2048 2048 x 2048 2048 x 2048

Pixel Size

13.5 x 13.5  13.5 x 13.5  13.5 x 13.5 

Cooling Air/Water
(20ºC ambient)

-90ºC air
Absolute, Guaranteed 
-80ºC air
-90ºC liquid
Absolute, Guaranteed
-65ºC air
(-55ºC Guaranteed)

Dark Current:
Maximum (e-/p/s)

0.0003 @ -90ºC 0.0008 @ -90ºC 0.02 @ -60ºC

Read Noise Maximum
e- rms

3.5 @100kHz
7.0 @ 800kHz 
4.0 @ 50kHz
10.0 @ 1MHz
14.0 @ 3MHz
5.0 @ 100kHz
16 @ 2MHz



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