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  Spectral Ami Spectral Ami X Spectral Lago Spectral Lago X
-90C Absolute Air Cooled Camera
CCD Pixels 1152x770 1152x770 2048x2048 2048x2048
CCD Pixel Size (um) 22.5 22.5 13.5 13.5
High Efficiency Proprietary Lens
Maximum Optical Field of View (cm) 25x17 25x17 25x25 25x25
Minimum Optical Field of View (cm) 10x7 10x7 6x6 6x6
Minimum Image Pixel Resolution (microns) 86 86 29 29
Fluorescent Excitement Wavelengths 10 10 14 14
Fluorescent Emission Filter Slots 10 10 20 20
X-Ray Capable    
X-Ray Field of View (cm)   25x15   25x23
X-Ray Source Energy   10-40kV   10-50kV
Translating, Low Dose X-Ray Source