Who We Are

Spectral Instruments Imaging (SI Imaging) came about by teaming the camera expertise of Spectral Instruments with the system expertise of the developers of the first high sensitivity in vivo imaging systems designed primarily for the demanding application of weak signal bioluminescent and fluorescent imaging. Spectral Instruments has for many years provided the cameras for these systems as well as for many other challenging applications. The Spectral Instruments logo is visible on thousands of cameras used in laboratories around the world. Pooling these complementary talents has resulted in the ability to design and manufacture advanced small animal imaging systems like no others in the world.

Bo Nelson, Founder and Chief Technical Officer

Bo is one of the original members of the team that developed the Xenogen IVIS® systems prior to Xenogen’s acquisition by Caliper Life Sciences. For seven years, Bo was in charge of the Instrumentation department of Xenogen, where he led the team that produced, calibrated, installed, serviced and supported the entire IVIS product line and accessories. Bo has additionally worked at both Lawrence Livermore Laboratories and General Atomics, where he has become very familiar with the instrumentation needs of scientific teams.

"In my time at Xenogen, we routinely used Spectral Instruments cameras in our quest to build the best system possible because SI cameras were and are simply the best.  I’m thrilled to be part of the SI Imaging team and am really enjoying partnering my systems expertise with their camera expertise."

Mike Cable, Founder and Advisor

Mike assembled and led the team that developed the Xenogen IVIS® systems. As CTO of Xenogen, for six years he oversaw all aspects of the instrumentation development and manufacturing. He served as a key member of the Xenogen management team from shortly after its founding through the company’s IPO prior to its acquisition by Caliper Life Sciences. Mike has also been involved or held executive positions with several other high tech companies including Quantum Dot, Fovi Optics, Matrix Sensors and Xradia.

"I thought we did a fantastic job back in the 90s with the tools available then, but the SI Imaging team has surpassed those efforts in every way, using modern technologies to achieve a truly remarkable system."

Keith Copeland, Founder and CEO

Keith started SI Imaging with the other founders to develop and manufacture the next generation molecular imaging system. Keith has been CEO of Spectral Instruments for 20 years. Prior to that he lead the development team and then ran manufacturing at Ventana Medical Systems (Roche) for the first Immunohistochemistry instrument. He started out his career doing mechanical design on CCD cameras at Photometrics (Roper).

"From a business standpoint, this is the next logical step forward for us in that we have provided for many years the key component for others to produce high quality imaging systems. Now designing and producing systems that go directly to the end user for turnkey applications is a business I’m really excited about developing and growing."

Gary Sims Ph.D., Founder and President

Gary has 30 years experience developing and testing solid state imaging sensors and systems for scientific measurement applications including analytical spectroscopy, astronomy, high energy physics programs, bioluminescence measurement systems, and x-ray crystallography detectors. He is an author of numerous scientific publications and patents and is President, CTO and a founder of Spectral Instruments.

"We have always prided ourselves on building the best cameras possible for the most demanding applications. The challenge of taking this to the next level and providing a whole system that includes applications as difficult as bioluminescent animal imaging is something we’re eagerly embracing."